Personality Type Test Results

We now come to the interesting part. If you have chosen a category that best describes you, write the letters like this; eg. INFP. This is my personality type. I=Introverted N=Intuitive F=Feeling P=Perceiving. This makes me a diplomat personality type. If you have yours, you can see in the boxes below to which group you belong. 

Personality Type Test 4 (Are you Judging(J) or Perceiving(P)

4. Are a Judging or Perceiving type?

This is another category that really differentiates personalities. People of the J type are structured. They need certainty in their lives. That is why they thrive well in office environments. They are the people who uphold values and rules. At work they will have no problem with keeping time. They arrive early. Do their task diligently. They honor family and society. Their homes and desks, are

Personality Type Test 3 (Are you a Thinking or Feeling type)

3. Are you a Thinking or Feeling type?
This is very interesting. I personally find it very easy to determine whether people are the thinking or feeling type. Well it is not strange that most men fall under the category of the T type. Sorry ladies. But we do have few women in this category. To tell if you are T or F type you just need to see how you respond to situations.

Personality Type Test 2 (Are you Intuitive(N) or Sensing(S))

2. Are you an Intuitive or Sensing type?

To determine if you are sensing or intuitive just ask yourself, how do you handle a situation or problem at hand? Do you concern yourself with the facts of now, numbers, specifics? In other words are you present oriented? Dealing with practical details, noticing smells, noises, counting, measuring. If you answered yes then you are more of a Sensing(S) type.

Personality Type Test 1. ( Are you Introverted or Extroverted?)

The test begins. Can you tell your personality type? Here is what you will need to know. For you to determine your personality type you will need to choose your most prevalent characteristic behavior from these four.

Personality Types

There are basically four categories of personalities. Each category is further divided into four to make it a total of about 16 personality types. (Remember that characteristic behavior of individuals always differs so no human being is like another even if they are of the same type.)

How to discover your personality type, your strong points and talents

It is obvious that we are all different. We are all unique and gifted with different talents. And that is just how God made us and purposely so. I have heard many people say but I don't have a talent? This is not true. It could be that you don't know it yet. But everyone is unique and gifted. The big question is, how can you discover your talent? That is what I will be writing about here in my next posts.;