People skills (Make people feel safe)

Besides basic needs like food, water and shelter people have other needs. Here we will discuss the need of safety. Obviously safety measures include being protected from criminals, and harmful things in the environment. People go to lengths to eliminate danger by locking their homes, enforcing security, taking safety measures, protection from disease etc. But this only protects people from physical harm. What about emotional harm? 

People skills( Effective ways of dealing with people)

The greatest mistake people make is to be ignorant and stubborn when it comes to understanding people. The sooner we learn this the less judgemental we will be, and the more equipped we will be to help others. And the more capable you will be when dealing with people. The bible is one book that teaches us extensively on how to deal with people.

Behavior and people skills(Knowing yourself and how to deal with others)

People skills is a skill that will lead you to personal discovery and will help you to deal with different kinds of people. Knowing yourself and others will help you be a happy person in this world. We are all different and unique. But do know what type of person are you? Being ignorant of this will make you a difficult person because you will always expect people to be like you. Which is impossible.
Successful and fulfilled people are those who have gone down this path of self-discovery. Our minds are wired in different ways. But we always almost fall into two categories of personalities.

Public speaking skills

You are standing on stage. Everyone is looking at you. Your heart rate is crazy. You can hardly breathe. Your palms are sweating. There is a silence in the room as everyone is waiting to hear what you have to say. It is only now that you realize your mind has gone blank. You have forgotten everything you have to say. The only thing in your mind are the words you keep repeating “You are  going to make a fool of yourself!

Fun with braids

Look what I did with my hair! 
This is a flat braid. The only difference is that it has lose braids on top so that I can style it the way I want. This is my invention by the way. The lady in the saloon didn't know what I was talking about when I was explaining to her how I want it. Creativity lol!

I confess

Someone told me when they read what I write they perceive me to be this confident person who can get in a room and light it up with chats. But when they actually came to know me in person they found out that I am the total opposite. So I confess. Yep, I am not so good with speaking. In fact I am working on my public speaking skills. The good news is behaviour can be learnt. So I believe one day I will master this craft of speaking. And I am already seeing a great change. When it comes to confidence though I am now more confident in myself. Complexes can be the root cause of our behaviour but when we deal with these issues and decide to change our mind set we may also need to learn new behaviour. 

Chomi yami (My friend)

Friendship is good if you are lucky to find a true friend. One who will never mislead you and be a bad influence on you. Truly speaking if you haven’t found a true friend yet it’s better to be alone. There’s no sin in that. I am talking like this because I know how friendship can be deadly. I will tell you a true story of what happened to me when I was still in school. My sister and I were like best friends since childhood until high school when we both decided to go our separate ways. My first ever chomi in high school was a very nice girl. She had a sense of humour and I admired her confidence which is a trait I still very much admire in people. She was the total opposite of me, outgoing, spontaneous, famous. While I was shy, and lacked any confidence whatsoever. In a way I think I was drawn to this person because I wanted to be like her.