Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Renewal of the Mind

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Romans 12:2

When you read this verse you may take it very lightly. But have you ever stopped to think what renewing the mind really means. And why do we really need a renewal of the mind? In scientific terms can you define what the mind is and what consists of the mind?
Among other things the mind consists of these three things; 1. Conscious mind, 2. Subconscious mind, 3. Unconscious mind.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Crossroads (Review)

I know you have been waiting eagerly for the continuation of this story. But as I said I am writing the story as I go. In a way I am just like you as I don't know what will happen next.( kkkk). But all I can tell you is that there is a lot of sadness in this story. But many lessons to be learned. Meet Kate for an example. Kate is this new character in our story. She is a married woman with problems of her own. But she believes God has instructed her to help this girl. She made a big mistake once in her life and she is now paying the price. But she continues to pray for God to help her. Follow us next time as Thando gets settled in her new home. Do you think something can go wrong?

Crossroads (Chapter 11)

Kate had gone through the trouble of preparing a welcome home dinner for Thando. She had to make her feel at home. The poor girl needed all the support she could get. She had no one else in the world. And the doctor had mentioned that she would need the support of family and friends in this rehabilitation process. It had been tough for her these past couple of weeks. There were times when Kate couldn’t recognize her in the hospital when she went to visit. The doctor had explained that he detox process was both painful and depressing to the patient. But Kate had kept the girl in her prayers and it seemed she would make it.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Crossroads (Chapter 10)

No word was uttered between the two people in the hospital room. It was the constant calling of doctors on the intercom and the screeching wheels of stretchers in the corridor that disturbed the silence. The hospital room was cosy and comfortable and had a personal television. Thando had never been to a private hospital before. Though she felt ill she could admit this was better than most places she’d had to live. But still there was a depressing aura about the place, perhaps brought about by the presence of sickly people.  Mavis was sitting next to her bed looking worried. She couldn’t stop shaking her head in disbelief to what she had just heard.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Crossroads (Chapter 9)

Drip drip drip

The noise persisted in her sleep until it brought her to full awareness. It had rained all night. Not far from the bus shelter the streets were streaming with the murky flood waters. She could have been swept away with them if not for the bus shelter she had managed to share with a few other homeless.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

History,women and culture

Kwa-Zulu which means heaven is part of what is today known as Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is the actual Zululand of the famous Zulu kingdom of king Shaka. After many clashes with Boers and the British the Zulu kingdom never survived. What remained were chiefs which were put by the apartheid government to serve the government. Although many people left these homelands to seek civilization in towns many people remained. The people of Kwa-Zulu are very much traditional, to this day. As I read about my own history my eyes have opened to culture and how it has influenced people. I grew up in Durban, the civilized part of Kwa-Zulu Natal, but even there I notice how tradition formed a great part of my life. I'm not just talking about worshiping ancestors as many have known this to be a Zulu practice. But I mean behaviour which resulted from cultural practises.

Their story

I was passing through downtown Jo'burg this past week when I saw them in a corner. In skimpy clothing, short skirts, wearing sad faces. I was reminded why I have to do what I am doing. In a way I am telling their story. The story of the African woman. She is abused, used, rejected, abandoned, shamed, criticized, devalued. She is silent because she is afraid to speak or just because she thinks who will care to listen. Remember them in your prayers today.
Crossroads chapter 9 coming soon. Leave a comment and share.