Church Girl S/1

The school hall was buzzing with children. They had been called for a prayer meeting. Thrilled to be away from the boring lessons even momentarily, the throng went about doing what they do best, chatting, teasing and face booking.

Church Girl (New Series)

Church Girl is a new series that I am writing for young adults. It is about a girl who grew up in the church but was never serious with God. She gets lost and when she finally comes to her senses her life is already a mess. I was inspired to write this fiction story after hearing many similar stories of children who grow up in the church, from Sunday School, to the youth but who were never serious with their salvation. They just came to the church because of their parents. All these girls have said the same thing. They only came to church because their parents were members of the church, but they didn’t want anything to do with the church. Many said they would get bored during the service. Others told me how they lived a double life, doing wrong things outside but pretending in front of everyone that they were good girls. Well I hope this could be a wakeup call to youngsters going through the same. Watch this space for Church Girl coming soon.

Tips to discover your strengths or talents

As I promised to share some tips on discovering your strengths or talents. Here it is.

 1. Know yourself
I want to speak more about personality types and your identity. It has helped me a lot to analyze myself and know who I am. I know my weakness and strengths. I know which areas I need to improve in. I also know which areas I need to invest in. But I have come to realize from experience

The False Witness(The message behind)

I enjoyed writing this story. It took me to a place somewhere back home, in the homelands of Kwa Zulu Natal. Well I wrote this story with this thought in mind, as the title says 'False witness'. How many people have been victims of false witnesses. People who out of their own greed or carelessness spoke a word that put someone in trouble. Unfortunately this happens all the time. But it shouldn't. We should be careful with our mouth, choosing carefully our words when speaking about others. One word that you speak, a comment about that person is enough to create an impression.

The False Witness

It was the day of the hearing in the small village of Manzini. The king’s messenger had run uphill and downhill announcing the hearing and calling everyone to attend by order of the king. From rooftops his voice had sounded. Bearing the message “What will happen to the person who bewitches the king? Come to hear…”

Rotten potato

Lerato couldn’t hide the long face as they approached the building. Mother gave her a look and smiled mirthlessly.
“You’ll love it I promise,” she said with more enthusiasm than she really felt.

Discovering your talents

Hi ladies. I hope you have done your personality type test. Interesting isn't it? If you did it you should have a better idea now of where you want to go, in terms of career choice or life in general. I mean you, if are a P type you wouldn't want to be stuck behind a desk all your life would you? On the other hand if you are a J type this could be just what you need.