Set your priorities straight!

If you were to put your priorities in order of importance how would you write the following?

*Work(or school, career)
* Family
* God

Church Girl S/4 (The phone call)

Thoko hadn’t come home for days. And Margaret couldn’t help but regret what she had said. If she hadn’t been too harsh on her maybe she wouldn’t have left. She had been to the police station, tried the hospitals and even mortuaries. But no news of Thoko. Yes. The pains of parenthood. She envied the barren woman who slept in peace at night. Now she could hardly close her eyes not knowing where her daughter was. The house was empty and cold. She missed her late husband. If only he was still here. Oh God why did you have to take him and leave me alone to carry this burden.

Church Girl S/3

The situation was awkward in the house. Leaving the house early and coming back late was the game Thoko was playing everyday to avoid bumping into her mom. But Margaret didn’t seem to care what she did anymore. She was giving her the silent treatment.

How to break a bad habit

Did you know that new year’s resolutions don’t work? It takes more than just words and willingness to break a habit. Do you have a bad habit that you want to break and you have been finding it hard to do that? Do you always find yourself giving up on a project, say a diet, exercise, waking up to pray? Well despair no more because there is a way.

Be an agent for change

The state of young people in the world is growing critical. In South Africa challenges facing young people include drugs, early pregnancy, poverty, crime, abuse and the latest cults of satanism. The things that happen in schools nowadays are unimaginable. Many youth fall under the bad influence of friends. There has never been a worst time to be a parent than the present.

Church Girl S/2

Thoko had a headache when she woke up that morning. It had been a long night of partying and drinking. She couldn’t recall how she had come back home or at what time. Probably late into the night. Her mother was obviously furious. In all her life she had never done anything like this. But there was a first time for everything.

Church Girl S/1

The school hall was buzzing with children. They had been called for a prayer meeting. Thrilled to be away from the boring lessons even momentarily, the throng went about doing what they do best, chatting, teasing and face booking.